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Dr. Zella Berry Case Ministries


"I'm a Believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. He has given me so much work to do since I was 18 years old and LIVED TO TELL MY OWN STORY DUE TO a  "near-death experience" that changed my life. Although I have made many mistakes in my life before becoming a "true" servant of Christ, I constantly thank Him for allowing me an opportunity to "get it right" on a moment by moment bases. I'm continually reaching, believing, and trusting in Jesus the Christ in all avenues of life since it was He that gave me another chance at a wholesome life after falling asleep in 1977 in a diabetic coma - seeing my loved ones at the end of the tunnel as I was about to cross-over. They who were there told me to go back; it was not my time.  So by the "grace" of God, I returned to do the will of Christ, which gives me, even today, the purpose for which I am here breathing, proclaiming, teaching, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I AM A "TRUTH-SEEKER! My purpose FIRST  and foremost is to proclaim to those I come in contact with that Christ is a man of His word. He is honest, and He has the answers for every situation, every dilemma, every thought of wrongful doings, in any all amount of chaos. Finally, He is the one that can reverse any negative curse you may be experiencing. TRY HIM TODAY! "


Women Inspirational Network

It's a Monthly Luncheon to:

  • Increase your Self Awareness.
  • Motivational Readings.
  • Discussing spiritual insights, business opportunities,  leadership lessons, emerging trends, bright ideas, and products or services from fellow business owners.
  • Fearlessly participating in the learning and self-growth process: receive expert advice from a guest speaker, or business or community leaders. Benefit from insights that foster meaningful self-reflection and actionable takeaways.
  • Being service-oriented and focused on delivering value to everyone in our social and professional networks.
  • Creating and cultivating an abundance mindset…being a part of a positive, supportive, inclusive and diverse community of women. 
  • We are not an industry-exclusive organization, but a God-driven ministry that enables women to share and cultivate each other's positive moves in life, mimicking the life of Christ and His ministry for mankind, and that includes YOU too as a woman. 
  • The founder believes that each person offers an individual and creative point of view while adding unique value.

          At each meeting, you will receive an EXPERT INSIGHT THAT SAVES YOU MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TIME understanding methods that have been proven as to how not to continually reminisce over past financial mistakes, spiritual mistakes, and emotional dilemmas that hunt the very nature of your existence. What you invest in your luncheon cost (dutch) and monthly fees outweighs the cost of what you receive each and every month in encouragement, inspirational expressions, love, warmth, and devotion that is spread throughout the meeting and forward. 

         We are continually developing our purpose!

In the next year, we will focus on creating clarity around a unique value proposition and how to increase love in action in our communities.


         We will attempt to use our best practices for networking success and provide ideas, connections, and opportunities that you perhaps do not have access to and don't want to miss out on.


          We also will attempt to grow each other's ministry, social, and business network all while having lunch.


      We are here to lift up one another, form strategic partnerships, and grow our businesses too. 


        We will offer the opportunity for increased quality connections while developing superior business readiness and resiliency. 

          Develop workshops, master classes, or mastermind experiences to go from hobbyist or side hustler to becoming a successful business owner!

          Join us in being inspired by the stories, ideas, and conversations you won’t find anywhere else! All just by having a good BRUNCH!

Awareness Core Book

Understanding your VALUE

Developing (TRUE) Beauty

Contact: Dr. Zella Berry Case (919) 304-0725

                          Apostle Donise Benton (919) 366-8672