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Bishop Dr. Zella Berry Case

Not being taken by the ENEMY

Giving, Going & Getting

The Good News

Wisdom & the Revelation of It!

Do you know where wisdom comes from?  Using Solomon as the biblical character that Dr. Case uses to talk about where true wisdom comes from - it comes from Christ our Savior, not the world.

Remember God's Faithfulness and His Promises to His people

2 Chronicles 20:1-14

Freedom or Bondage

Believe, Belong, Become

The Bluff of the Enemy

1st Kings  Chapter 19

An unexpected assistance

The Beggar at the Gate Beautiful, Peter and John

The SIX P's

2nd Thess.

Chapter One verses Eight- Nine

It's Time for a change

Audio Sermons

Get WISDOM in your Brokenness

Don't Choose A Dangerous Destiny 

(Directional Talk)

He Said

Genesis 1

"Time Out"

Genesis 2:2-3

"I promise, I do"

"I  hear voices"