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Dr. Zella Berry Case Ministries


"I'm a Believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. He has given me so much work to do since I was 18 years old and LIVED TO TELL MY OWN STORY DUE TO a  "near-death experience" that changed my life. Although I have made many mistakes in my life before becoming a "true" servant of Christ, I constantly thank Him for allowing me an opportunity to "get it right" on a moment by moment bases. I'm continually reaching, believing, and trusting in Jesus the Christ in all avenues of life since it was He that gave me another chance at a wholesome life after falling asleep in 1977 in a diabetic coma - seeing my loved ones at the end of the tunnel as I was about to cross-over. They who were there told me to go back; it was not my time.  So by the "grace" of God, I returned to do the will of Christ, which gives me, even today, the purpose for which I am here breathing, proclaiming, teaching, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I AM A "TRUTH-SEEKER! My purpose FIRST  and foremost is to proclaim to those I come in contact with that Christ is a man of His word. He is honest, and He has the answers for every situation, every dilemma, every thought of wrongful doings, in any all amount of chaos. Finally, He is the one that can reverse any negative curse you may be experiencing. TRY HIM TODAY! "




Dr. Zella Berry Case Ministries is a 

Religious and Spiritual Channel

How do you watch me on my ROKU Channel (STREAM ME)

What is streaming?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video on your smartphone or a Netflix movie on your laptop? That’s streaming. It’s the way video and audio content is delivered over the Internet and has become a popular way to watch TV.


 I have decided to attempt during this time of COVID 19 pandemic to reach the masses in a more delicate and personal manner, using the internet to not only house sermons on YouTube, but also display the teachings that I do on Tuesday night all on the internet channel using ROKU as my platform.  If you have a ROKU TV or ROKU device all you have to do is type in my channel (Dr. Zella Berry Case Ministries) and you can view past as well as the most current sermons, inspirational talks, and videos of the Word of God given to me to give to you! 

You are invited also to:

Worship with me on Sunday afternoons at


Just capture and join us in our 

ZOOM Virtual Worship

Meeting ID 874 4537 7213

Passcode: 318308

ZOOM Bible Study

Tuesday Nights at 7:30 p.m.

Meeting ID: 851 5187 8190


Not being taken by the ENEMY

Giving, Going & Getting

Wisdom & the Revelation of It!

Do you know where wisdom comes from?  Using Solomon as the biblical character that Dr. Case uses to talk about where true wisdom comes from - it comes from Christ our Savior, not the world.

Remember God's Faithfulness and His Promises to His people

2 Chronicles 20:1-14

Freedom or Bondage

The Bluff of the Enemy

1st Kings  Chapter 19

An unexpected assistance

The Beggar at the Gate Beautiful, Peter and John

He Said

Genesis 1

"Time Out"

Genesis 2:2-3

"I promise, I do"

"I  hear voices"