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Bishop Dr. Zella Berry Case


Hi, I'm Zella

Yes, I did say I am just "Zella."  I know that I have an ecclesiastical title, (Bishop), is gifted with the Five-Fold Ministry office of the Apostle (Christ selection, not mine), am a wife (Martin), that is: (Suffragan Bishop Martin W. Case), a mother - twice (Eric and Starr), a grandmother - Ziona, Jordyn, Jade', and Jaylen, an aunt, a cousin, a leader, a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, overseer of souls, an author, a mentor, and most of all I am just who I am  ME!

 There are so many things that I would like to share with you concerning me, but not all of them here and not the things that cannot assist you in moving forward and being productive in assisting others to win souls for Christ.

Everything that I do, every word that I say is spent making others feel what I did not feel the majority of my childhood and young adulthood, that is, being one that was safe, smart, and loved.  My thought pattern at that time was filled with how I looked, how I spoke - with clarity and preciseness, acting properly, with poise, and being properly fashioned like someone who would represent that of one in a kingly line... I always was taught and was concerned with how people saw me, no matter how good I was, if I looked good enough or if I acted well enough so that someone, anyone would be proud of me.  That was then, and this is the NOW!  

After truly being in connection with Christ, my Savior, the out and inward look of myself changed.  I discovered that as long as I was in the good graces of Christ, I was alright.

The Zella of the past does not exist any longer. I possess a new ME with the newness of HE who holds my future in HIS hands.  I ARRIVED and am living a life filled with possibilities that some would say would just blow your mind.

This is what I DO!

I Evangelize for Christ.

I plant ministries for Christ and His Bride, the Church.

I love people.

I am constantly asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me to all truths about Jesus Christ.

I review the trends of the world as to how the world views Christ as the ultimate answer to all things.

I educate those that want to know Christ and use His word to guide their lives.

I pray often for the Believer and non-Believer.

I testify about the things that Christ has blessed me with.

I am appreciative of people who walk in their Five-Fold Ministry calling.


The Presiding Prelate Bishop & Overseer

Presiding Prelate Bishop of Adjoining Life Ministry Unlimited, Mebane, North Carolina.

Serving these Ministries

Adjoining Life Ministry Unlimited

The Church of Promise (ON-LINE)

ARIZE Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry

The Z’ Project Magazine

WIN WOMEN INSPIRATIONAL NETWORK -  Women with Purpose, Promises & Prosperity 

Bishop Larry D. Reid, Sr, (Pastor of)

(The Cathedral of Hope Mission Chruch, Chapel Hill, NC)

Bishop Dr. Apostle Perry Tankard, Sr., &

Bishop Dr. Apostle Rona Tankard

Power in the Word Ministry

Power in the Word Ministry & Evangelistic Association

School of Evangelism

Manna Food Pantry

Impact Development Corporation

Power in the Word Christian Academy

Pastor-Elect Evangelist Edna Bell

True Deliverance Outreach Ministry

Pastor Nora Barnes

The Church Of Promise, Mission Pastor

Apostle Donise Benton

Victory Against All Odds

Anointed Disciples of Christ

My Refuge Foundation of Raleigh

Dr. Zella Berry Case

Doctor of Ministry

A preacher of the gospel since 1994 (legally), licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel, (1994), entered seminary school, (1998), studying and developing her calling for more than 20 years through formal education. She has earned a Bachelor (BTU) in Theology, 2003 Masters in Christian Education, 2013, Masters in Divinity 2016, and lastly matriculated and earned the degree of Doctor of Ministry in 2019. She also holds an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity (2016).

Married for more than 40 years to her high school sweetheart, Martin W. Case.

Out of that marriage, there was born two children. She has four beautiful granddaughters who she adores and believes that at least one of them will become a preacher of the gospel. She has devoted her life to Kingdom Building and reaching the lost.

May Heaven smile upon us all.

As a Doctor of Ministry, it is my desire to motivate others in obtaining their doctorial degree through inspiring them to reach as far as they can so that they can assist others in developing all that is within them. 

 "Invest in yourself and the passion that you have to train others using the Word of God as your guidance."

Becoming a Doctor of Ministry and concentrating on the completion of it although rigorous and was at times stressful, the imaginative theological reflective program, assisted me in understanding my calling in the Five-Fold Ministry even more.  Not only that, but capturing and graduating with that degree assisted me in the furtherance of serving others with vigor, vim, and vitality in my current ministerial roles.  It is my goal also to respond to the theological and ethical role that one possesses when embarking on the ministry after receiving such a degree of higher learning.

My dissertation topic was:

ARIZE (Apprehending Rich Illumination and Zeal in the Effectiveness that the Five-Fold Ministry brought to Arches Grove United Church of Christ, Burlington, North Carolina.)